Menopause is a time for change – like it or not, the body goes through a transformation wave that’s completely natural but can be quite uncomfortable. The issue brings in a lot of changes in a woman’s physical and mental status. Women experience mood swings, sleep pattern changes, hot flashes, sexual dysfunction, and the like.

A myth that’s been around for a while is that women cannot lose weight when they are in the menopausal phase. Many websites and medical reports point to the same result. This has often led to mental depression leading to more obesity. If you want to lose weight but are in the ‘phase’, here comes a program Menopausal Switch by Deborah Murtagh who has a undergone similar problem and yet fought to reduce weight successfully. The program is backed by proven experiments and scientific research.

What is Menopausal Switch

The Menopausal Switch is a program designed by wellness expert Deborah Murtagh to prove that losing weight can be achieved during the menopausal stage too. The program helps you forget all the common symptoms associated with the problem and the words of those who strongly disapprove of its possibilities. It is not like any other weight loss program that instructs people on what to do and what not to do to reduce weight. In this program, you will get to know what is happening inside you during the menopausal stage.

The program covers care for hormones, transporters, neurons, bodily cells, and everything associated with menopause. This makes the execution of the plans in the program easy, as you have a basic knowledge about how your body is working. The program encourages, motivates, and educates women in the menopausal age to view weight loss more effectively and realistically. No exhausting workouts or diet schedules are suggested. I found that this approach is easy to adapt for one and all offering you visible results, both internally and externally.

Deborah’s research points to the fact that the weight gain during menopause is not due to hormonal imbalances but stress. She shows you how it is the stress and the consumption of processed food that increase fat storage.

How it Works

The information is divided into three eBooks:

The Menopausal Switch Quick Start Guide – This is for everyone who wants to immediately start weight loss workouts. It will reveal 8 measures that boost your body’s potential to burn fat leading to the much-wanted weight loss results.

The 21-Day Menopausal Switch eBook – Contains a detailed guide to be completed in 21 days. It has everything that women of menopausal age should do to start the weight loss results. The essential steps trigger the body to easily access the Menopausal Switch lying dormant inside. She has also listed a three-phase process lasting for 7 days each to burn fat, boost metabolism, and improve cognitive function and energy levels.

The Menopausal Switch Food Plan – An effective food plan and the power that nutritional ketosis may have on you. This part includes foods to be consumed and where they will be available. There are 20 video tutorials from her Wholefood Secrets Cooking School which are accessible to you. This serves as additional guidance to prepare and cook a few of her recipes.

There are other helpful resources in the package which include:

  • 21-day Menopausal Switch Weight Loss Tracker – A document with a chart to track your progress
  • 21-day Menopausal Switch Weight Loss Diary – This helps you write down everything consumed each day, how you feel, and your body’s response to foods
  • Access to a Facebook Community of 10000 women – This includes regularly posted question-and-answer sessions and live presentations
  • FB Live X10 – Consists of ten Facebook presentations with the most views. This is split into two categories, “The Mindset Portion” and “The Execution of the Plan”.

The Mindset Portion consists of 5 “mind-focused training” that focus on what is going on in the brain.

Tips on what to do if you are not feeling your best – The program is focused on curing your menopausal syndrome and getting out of the symptoms easily and without any medication. Medicines, honestly don’t really seem to help – in fact, they may just make you feel worse. This part of the program also concentrates on mental health and gets you out of depression associated with menopause.


  • Simple, easy-to-follow program
  • No equipment needed
  • Issues of metabolism and weight gain prevented
  • Stable hormonal health
  • Emotional support needed at the time of menopause
  • Overcome menopausal symptoms without any medicines
  • No need for strenuous exercises or workouts
  • No need for any weight loss diet
  • Clears the body toxin
  • Aging becomes smooth and easy
  • You will feel younger without any medical issues
  • Regulates sleep pattern
  • Mood changes and disorders cured
  • Night sweats and hot flushes eased
  • Sexual health improved


  • Available only online on the official website. You cannot buy it from other sources
  • Not accessible without an internet connection
  • Results vary with each individual – it depends on body response and health status

My verdict

Losing weight is a tough process that needs determination and consistency from your end. Many do not understand that every step is unique, and a simple slip can either help you or spoil the results. You need to know that stress creates an imbalance in hormones and induces poor habits. The Menopausal Switch teaches you how to overcome the problem in a very practical way, and so this is one system that is worth considering.

Menopausal Switch does not only include what a doctor suggests but also dietary and lifestyle changes to make your efforts manageable. You will start losing weight, your ultimate aim when you are in the menopausal period. It is certainly worth spending your hard-earned money. When you reach 40 years, it is time for you to take care of your health and be prepared for what will be coming forth.

All that you need to get access to the book is an electronic device like a mobile phone or laptop and less than 10 minutes to get access to the program. With a money-back guarantee, I don’t see a risk here. You can try the program and learn how to navigate the menopausal phase most effectively.

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